Color Code Appointments

Have you ever used color-coded file folders in your office? Of course! The red ones mean "this", the yellow ones mean "that", etc. They help you prioritize and organize because of the color. Outlook offers the same prioritizing in the calendar. Here's how to use it: (This is Outlook 2013, with only slight changes from previous versions.)

You can color appointments individually, or have the computer "Automatically" color code appointments as you enter them:

Outlook 2013 version - Manually Color Code Appts:
     1. In Calendar, right-click an appointment or meeting, point to Categorize on the shortcut menu, and then click a color in the list.
     2. To remove a color from the appointment or meeting, in the Categorize list, click Clear All Categories.

Outlook 2013 version - Automatically Color Code Appts:
     1.  Right-click an empty calendar time slot
     2.  Click View Settings, then Conditional Formatting 

     3.  Click Add, type a Name for the new "rule", choose a color and click "Condition."
     4.  Type the Condition to be met, i.e.the words that will engage the color rule: i.e. Client, Meeting, School 
     5.  Click OK when finished and Test it.
Note:  If you manually assign a color to an item, automatic coloring will not be applied to that item.

As you type a new appointment with one of the "trigger words" it should automatically apply the new color. And yes... you are setting up your own "secret code" system.

If you repeat this procedure for other types of appointments, you can build different categories within your Outlook calendar for easy recognition. Ex: weekly office meetings turn BLUE, customer visits turn RED, and personal appointments turn GREEN.

Happy Clicking!


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