Microsoft Outlook "Today" button

Many times throughout my day I am looking ahead at my calendar, shifting, adding, deleting, and scheduling appointments. In fact, besides my email, my calendar is the second most used tool on my computer.

But with all that activity going on, the moment my phone rings I need to "re-group" and get back to "Today". Instead of trying to scramble and hurriedly get my screen back to the current date and time, there is an amazing button on the Outlook toolbar. It is located on the top toolbar menu and it's called "TODAY".
Go ahead and click it. In fact, daydream about your next vacation and scroll to that date on your calendar. Then click the "Today" button, and SHAZAM!, you are back to reality. (Sorry about that... if you'd like to dream about your vacation again, go ahead.)

Happy Clicking!


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  2. You're an idiot. What do you think the "today" button does?

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  14. That positioning sucks, as a lot of other things in Outlook. The reasoning why it sucks is that your mind is not in "ribbon" context but rather, in "calendar dates" context and as such, this button should be *INSIDE* the calendar frame. Best location ? Right besides the ostensively shown date - it is right there that your eyes move to in search of that button.
    The second option, is a really bigger box around the day, on the month calendar view on that left pane, but even there, is already bad.
    Place it by the big date that shows on top of the main calendar frame !

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  16. Looks great. Yes selecting 'Today' can be really helpful.
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